Who Is
Stephanie Maseki

Kenyan actor

She is an actor who is willing to spread her wings and reach to other markets and even be able to work with more experienced actors in the industry not only within Africa but also in Hollywood! Her dream is to venture in a movie with the greatest stars of Hollywood.

Stage performer

Stephanie has been a stage performer from elementary school all the way to high school and college. She has done community theatre and role plays to create awareness using thematic approaches. She believes that stage is where their is talent.

Screen actor

Stephanie is a natural on the screen and the camera loves her! She has featured in a couple of Kenyan productions both series and films. Stephanie is a bit choosy on the roles she plays in and she says that she only accepts roles that challenge her as an actor.

Film producer

Stephanie has ventured into production from Screen productions where she has been able to produce her own stage productions through her production SekiBa Empire to Screen productions having had done a debut into film production and produced her first film In 2016, MICHAEL, premiered at Nyali Cinemax Mombasa.

seasonal writer

Stephanie loves to write! She can fill a 200page not book in a week! She transferred this to scripting and has been able to do a couple of stage plays and she wrote the movie MICHAEL. She does not write scripts as often because she now mostly concentrates on production and acting and gives the writing to other people.

Brand Ambasador

Stephanie Maseki is a youth mentor and nurtures young talents. She is a voice to reckon in Mombasa County and Kenya generally hence the recognition of her brand.The brand is able to reach a larger market with advertisement of market products by being an ambassador of a certain market.