Stephanie Maseki is a Kenyan stage and screen Actor. She has appeared in over 3 films, 4 television series, and over ten theatre productions. You may have seen her in Kalimani Dynasty in KTN from 2019- date, DOA (KBC TV year 2000), SAIDA (CITIZEN TV year 2013-2015), AZIZA (CITIZEN TV year 2018- Date) and MAZA (MAISHA MAGIC EAST year 2018-2019), just to name just a few local productions. Stephanie’s ability to execute her acting skills has been recognized by the Sanaa Theatre Awards-Kenya with the Best Actress Award in 2017.
Stephanie is also a content producer who has been able to produce her own film in 2016 ‘MICHAEL’ that premiered at the Nyali Cinemax Mombasa and got a full house of audience and currently working on another project. She has also worked with Premier Hospital and Swahilipot Hub to create their organization’s promotional materials.
Stephanie Maseki is a 4th year student at the University of Nairobi studying Sociology and Psychology. She also has a Diploma in Community Development, Project Management and Social Work and has worked as a social worker for over 8 years. She has a certificate in Counseling and often volunteers her services in learning institutions. She is also a public speaker and takes time to talk to young people in the learning institutions. She is a self-taught Actor and also makes time to refine her skills in theatre trainings with organizations like The Theatre Company Kenya and Dance into Space. When she is not onset shooting she is at the theatre rehearsing for a play and her love for Theatre has given her a big mileage as one of the best performers in Kenya on both screen and stage.
Stephanie Maseki runs a Campaign called Behind Closed Hearts a project on Mental Health through theatre monologues to sensitize, educate and entertain and also invoke a conversation on Depression within the society. This show is aimed at reaching the public with messages on mental illnesses that is proving to be a menace in the society for both the young and old.
She is an art director at Swahilipot Hub an art and technology hub in Mombasa Kenya that provides a platform for community members to develop themselves, where she nurtures upcoming actors and mentors youths. Stephanie Maseki is a voice to reckon in the creative industry in Kenya and a social influencer especially with the young people. Stephanie is also a cooperate Mc. She is a native of Mombasa, Stephanie still resides in the city of Mombasa Kenya. Stephanie Maseki can be reached at