Atomic Art Clique Project

This is an Actors Practicum Project for skills development
The project will work with young actors: Of ages 12yr-20yr olds
of both gender and it will entail:
1. Acting
2. Public Speaking
3. Dance
4. Creative workshops
5. Production crew

Actors Class-Preparation Hell

This is where the actor will be required to get everything in theory and learn all skills in theory. This involves research in different acting skills,methods, different cultural backgrounds both Africa and Europe, history of the arts, different forms of art etc. This is where the artists are also taught the discipline of an artist.
This period lasts 1months

Actors Skill-Training Your Pants Off

This is where the actor starts to learn the skills while unlearning some skills e.g. the unwanted skills already learnt. Theory is put into practice. Creative process of an actor is put to test in this stage. Research on different acting methods done before is put into practice. The artists are put in teams and tasked to create a piece as a team. This period lasts 2months

The Actors Creative Hub: Golden Hole:

Artists are required to go to their hub/holes for research and creativity.The artist is given a project to research on and come up withvery adequate information on the project. The artists present the findings in front of a panel of judges then once approved goes ahead to the next level. Then come up with a piece to present it practically based on the findings. This will take 2months.

Drilling for Competence

This is the final stage where all artists are required to present their final projects before judges. This is where all the projects done in the previous stage is put into practical. The artist is required to put together a team to carry out their project to succession. The team members should still be among the fellow artists. This stage will take 3months.

Actors’ Hub Festival

This is presentations of all the items from all artists to the public arena.

Contact Information

Phone No: +254 722 988 353