AZIZA is a captivating TV drama ongoing in the Kenyan TV channel Citizen. It airs every Wednesday at 7.30pm. This is a story about a poor girl “Aziza” with a big singing talent but is afraid to expose herself because her family would not allow it. Her father “Chacha” is employed as a cook by “Fay” and has been working there for the last 30years. Stephanie plays the role of “Lily” who is Fay’s small sister. She has a daughter who is 8years called “Lisa”. She is an alcoholic and a chain smoker. And Lisa does not like to see her mum drunk or smoking and they always get into a fight because of it. Lily is a young charismatic woman with a free spirit never afraid to express herself or her thoughts. She has lived in the states the last 8 years because she does not get along with her sister who hates her with a burning passion. She has a don’t care attitude towards that hate but cares about other people a great deal. Her daughter is exactly like her and the only thing Lily cannot stand is anyone mistreating her daughter. People around her do not understand how she gets the guts to do and say the things she does.